About Me

Name: OpsMan (AKA: Tom How)
Born: May 1963
Nationality: British
Fortnite Features: 6x Featured maps, 2x Callout maps, 13x FCHQ Friday Feature maps
I am a 59 year old (60 in May 2023) English teacher living in Istanbul Turkey, originally from the UK and moved here in 2010.
I have discovered Fortnite Creative April 2021 and have never looked back, I love the community.
I was the founder of ThrustWorld gaming service in the UK in the early 1990’s so one of the first of its kind.
I still own the URL thrustworld.co.uk but currently do not use it.
My gaming background was of course the early multiplayer games such as Quakeworld, Doom, Duke Nukem etc etc.
I am family friendly being an English teacher.
I have worked with the following companies within the games industry on a face to face level, Sega Dreamcast, Segasoft, BBC, ICL Fujitsu.

Old news etc from ThrustWorld
https://www.pcgamer.com/12-stories-from-crazy-90s-pc-gaming-ads/ (Go to page 11 about Thrustworld and see the advert I created the slogan for makes me cringe now.)