OK again thanks to Neillast from our community we have now got a discord server running

So please join and be a member of the growing community. The live streams also get announced automatically there so make sure you have notifications turned on.

To join click the button below, but PLEASE read the rules below or in the server first.

RULES for community.

1. Do not use the channel for online dating.
2. Do not use hate crime.
3. Do not target or insult the LGBTQ+ community in any way.
4. Do not target or insult any political view or party.
5. Do not target or insult any other ethnicity, race or culture.
6. Do not use or abbreviate foul language or anything that could cause offense or harm to anyone else.
7. Do not promote or talk about the use of drugs or alcohol.
8. Do not use mass caps.
9. Please keep any messages/gifs/images all PG or PG13.
10. Do not send spam.
11. Do not make inappropriate jokes.
12. The admin team will not give you a job just because you’re related to them or friends with them, so don’t ask!
13. Please do not try to bypass our bots filters!
14. Please do not constantly skip songs if someone else who requested it is still in the channel, everyone has a different music taste!
The admin team have the right to warn you or take action if you don’t follow these rules!