Choose skin (150 moolah)
type “!buy skin” in chat to buy
Use !buy skin to tell what skin and locker items he has to use next game he can. Regular users only

Play With Me (200 moolah)
type “!buy play” in chat to buy
Want to play with OpsMan? earn 200 moolah in chat to buy! Use “!buy play” to buy. This will expire within 3 days

Get OpsMan to drink something (80 moolah)
type “!buy drink” in chat to buy
Get me to have a drink

Challenge OpsMan (150 moolah)
type “!buy challenge” in chat to buy
Give me a challenge to do in game. But do not ask for 1v1 LOL

Buy a scrolling message (80 moolah)
type “!buy scroll” in chat to buy for 80 Moolah you can have a message at the bottom scrolling for 5 minutes. !buy scroll