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NOTE: Some people have been trying to boost my subscribers by using different channels that they own. The problem is that if it uses the same email address then it will be removed as a subscriber by YouTube themselves. As some of you know we saw this happening last week as the subs went up and then 30 minutes later came down in numbers.

Rule 1: You can only subscribe once to my channel DO NOT subscribe and then unsubscribe and do not use different channels you own under the same email address.
the subscriber can choose which type of notifications they get. See image below

Rule 2: The subscribers you find must be real people and must stay as subscribers.

Rule 3: Only one battle pass per person so if you win one you cannot win another one.

Rule 4: When you receive your battle pass you must send proof to me as image or video so I can show people it was real.
You can use Twitter or Email to send me proof

The Prizes:

1st Battle pass when we reach 100 entries.

2nd Battle pass when we reach 200 entries.

3rd Battle pass when we reach 300 entries.

Mystery Prize: The person that gets the most subscribers entered will get something from the item shop. Value depending on subscribers obtained.

Remember: I can not gift anything until we have been friends for minimum 2 days.

How I will decide the winners: I will do a live random number draw on YouTube at each level so when we reach 100 entries I will draw the first one and so on.

Try for yourself: