My info:

My Epic ID: OpsMan
My Youtube: YouTube/OpsMan
My Twitter: @Opsman17
My Discord: OpsMan#5374

I will test multiple maps, but cannot guarantee I will have time to playtest all.
Roughly 4/5 maps on Saturdays (will update if needed).
I will stream to begin with:

ISTANBUL, Turkey: 7:30pm
GMT: 5:30pm
CST/CDT: 11:30am
EST/EDT: 12:30am
PST/PDT: 9:30am

1.) I will not test the following:
1v1, zone wars, box fights or sweaty build maps.

2.) It will help if you can join the stream and show your maps features, if not possible then send information in the map submission form of what you want tested and any secrets and features you want to highlight.

3.) Submit your Epic ID as well as a valid map code

4.) Give clear instructions of what you need.

5.) I am family friendly please be aware of this.

6.) I cannot guarantee full lobbies (please have this in mind)

7.) 20 minutes testing is normally the maximum.

8.) Also if you want to join up as a tester to help in streams please sign up on the PlayTester Form.

Go to the map submission form