Free to enter V Bucks AND/OR battle pass competition with 4 winners

We have announcement to do today go to Superwariog’s YouTube stream now and my Twitch stream later today for all the news.


Here are the details.

Free to enter V Bucks AND/OR battle pass competition.

  • 2 winners for battle passes or 1000 V Bucks item/s of your choice from the item shop
  • 2 winners for 1000 V Bucks worth of item/s of your choice from the item shop

Starting Sunday 6th September 2020 you can enter for a chance to win an item/s of your choice from the item shop
with a value of up to 1000 v bucks OR a battle pass.

There will be 4 winners for this competition.

If you win and choose the value of 1000 v bucks you will be gifted the item/s of your choice.
To enter the competition you must be subscribed to both and follow channels
NOTE: Your subscription must be set to public for Superwariog’s channel. Watch this video to show how to change to public subscriptions

Entries will cost either 300 swog (SuperWariog) or 300 moolah (OpsMan) which can be collected
by simply chatting during a superwariog’s or opsman’s live streams from Sunday for 7 days.

Swog and Moolah are virtual currencies so it is free to enter just takes time in chat.

To earn 300 swog or moolah would take approximately 20-30 minutes when chatting regularly in both channels.

How to buy entry

When you have earned 300 swog or moolah an entry can be purchased by simply typing !buy entry into chat during a live stream.

How the draw will work

Entries will be given a number at random and when entries are closed 4 numbers will be drawn at random to choose the winners.

NOTE: If you are not an existing friend of either superwariog or opsman on epic games there will be a couple of days delay before epic will allow gifts to be sent.
Also even as a friend there will be a 24 hour wait due to checking subscriptions and also validating user details.

If you are lucky enough to win a prize you do not need to choose an item immediately from the item shop so you can wait for something you like to become available.

When does the competition end?

Entries will close at 19.00 UK time on 13/9/2020 the draw will take place on opsman’s live stream about 30 minutes later.

Good luck everyone from Superwariog and OpsMan.

Streams for buying will start tomorrow but you can collect Swog or Moolah from today.

Superwariog will stream tomorrow 13:00-1600 UK time @

OpsMan will stream from 16:00 until 19:00 UK time @