Fortnite Storyline part 2 by Muaadh_0106


By: MUAADH_0106

Chapter 1 Season 6: It seemed that Kevin was gone, but at the begging of Season 6 floating into the sky with the Loot Lake house on top of it. I revealed that under Loot Lake there seemed to be a whirlpool of sorts. After Kevin had got to the middle, it realized it needed more power so it went around the map as a giant floating tornado island, gathering power form each of the ruins it left their last season. When it finally collected all the ruins it returned back to Loot Lake (now Leaky Lake) where it attempted to open the vault to get the zero point, but it failed and it exploded, sending all of s into the ‘in-between’ (also known as the ‘bridge’) which is like a dimension in-between dimensions and universes, connecting them all. Here we witnessed the butterfly event.

Chapter 1 season 7:
The ice king came to steal the zero point, bringing with him the prisoner, locked up under the iceberg, and Cattus, a one-eyed monster that could bring destruction to the map. In the dungeons of Polar Peak little eggs could also be found around where the Prisoner was locked up. The ice king found parts of the cube and used their power to unleash a blizzard across the map, creating ice zombie hordes, but while the ice king was doing this, the prisoner escaped, taking the eggs and fleeing into the desert around Paradise Palms, and here he slowly regained his strength. He then preformed rituals in Weeping woods and ascended to his final form, he got rid of the ice and snow but in turn started to create earthquakes around the map.

Chapter 1 Season 8:

The prisoner had made his volcano lair, using eggs he has stolen from the ice kings castle he catches them to make dragon ninja hybrids to help him in the search of a secret treasure, the ice king and pirates were also looking for this treasure, they all found it and worked things out by splitting it, the peelys also came and took their share of these treasures. What we didn’t realise is that the Prisoner still had a grudge on the Ice King for locking him up in his icy castle.

Later the organisation X started to make excavation sites around the map, searching for something, this was the vault. They ultimately dug up all of loot lake revealing the vault, at the end of season 8 it opened and we saw the zero point for the first time, it had the power to bring back previously valued weapons like the drum gun, the zero-point had the power to do what usually only the people running the simulation could do. The volcano then erupted under the command of the Prisoner, destroying Retail Row and Tilted Towers, as well as hitting polar peaks creating a large crack in it. The world of Fortnite was in chaos, players mourning for Tilted Towers and Retail Row as well as the return of the dreaded Drum Gun, but that wasn’t the worse to come, far more sinister forces were at work…