Fortnite Storyline part 1 by Muaadh_0106


By: MUAADH_0106 (a subscriber of my channel)


So basically, the 7 in the original map were not part of the loop. So far we know 3 of these 7: The visitor, The Scientist and Paradigm, they were trying to get out of the loop but ended up stuck on the islands, one in each dimension. The visitor was one of the seven that was in our dimension during chapter 1.

Chapter 1 season 4:
A meteor crashed in each of the dimensions, each with one of the 7 in them, the meteor crashed at Dusty Depot in our map leaving it as Dusty Divot When. Around where the meteor crashed the anti gravity from around the meteor started to create Hope Rocks, these could make players ‘hop’ higher as if they were in anti gravitational state. The 7 tried to escape from each of their retrospective dimensions in a rocket, the people running the simulation tried to get rid of them by crashing trying to get their rockets to crash into certain parts of the map, for us it was towards tilted towers, but the visitor managed to use the hop rocks energy to form rifts which saved him and ultimately us, but as a result of this he left several rifts around the map as well as a giant one in the center of the map.

Chapter 1 Season 5:
On a mountain close to Paradise Palms, the rifts created the cube (a.k.a Kevin the Cube), either the people running the simulation sent it or some other beings form the STW or some other universe or dimension. The cube’s ultimate goal was to harness the power of the zero point. At the end of season 5 it had seemingly sunk into Look Lake making it like a giant Bounce Pad. What was to become of our precious Loot Lake? and what had happened to Kevin the cube…


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