As some of you know I am trying to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube so I can become a content creator in Fortnite. I want to do this for two reasons.

Reason 1: I want to be able to run custom matches for members only which will include tournaments as well as fun days and games.

Reason 2: I want to have a creator code to use when people buy things from Epic Games, this will help fund my channel and future competitions.

Please note: I am not doing this to make money from YouTube adverts as that would take a lot more than 1000 subscribers 🙂

Prize: My first giveaway is for 3 battle passes for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 (See the Terms and Conditions)

How to enter:
Step 1.  you must be subscribed to my channel (***click the button below if you are not already subscribed)
Step 2.
Read the terms and conditions by opening this page
Step 3. Find a friend to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Each friend that subscribes will give you one free entry after they complete the Entry Form.
Step 4. Get your friend to fill out the Entry Form with the following details: Name – Email Address – Epic ID (if they have one) – YouTube username – Then they enter your YouTube username.
Step 5. To get more free entries do step 2 and 3 with another friend.

NOTE: If you have already recommended a friend before the competition you can still ask them to fill in the form, so you will not lose your chance.