Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 7 Challenges FULL Guide with locations

Week 7 challenges are fairly easy, here is a guide for the few harder ones and the rest are easy to do. Hope you enjoy your 290,000 free XP

Collect floating rings at Weeping Woods 0/5 35,000XP
Find Balls of yarn at Catty Corner 0/3 35,000XP
Collect stone from Rapid’s Rest 0/300 35,000XP

No point doing the last ones as too easy for you to complete.

Search chests at Retail Row 0/7 35,000XP
Gain health or sheilds from slurp at Slurpy Swamp 0/100 35,000XP
Eliminate players 0/5 35,000XP
Eliminate players as team 0/50 80,000XP

TOTAL XP 290,000XP