There are a few questions people ask me when I am streaming etc

1.) When will you be streaming next?

Check my Twitter account or join the Discord server for updated info, click the buttons below to join us.

2.) Do you stream anywhere else?

Yes I also now sometimes stream on FaceBook live on my Gaming channel. Click the button below to go there.

3.) Why do the subsciber numbers go up then later come down?

Because people are registering with accounts/channels that use the same email address. So example I have 4 channels under my YouTube email and I can switch to each one and subscribe, but later YouTube automatically removes them so this is what is happening.

4.) why doesn’t my subscription show for competitions or in the chat and stream windows?

When you enter one of my competitions that needs me to see you are a subscriber there is sometimes no notification sent to me or the live stream.

If you want them to show and enter the competitions you need to make your subscriptions public.

YouTube makes them private by default so you need to change them yourself.

Watch the official video by YouTube: