New Battle Pass and or V Bucks competition starts soon


Start using chat in my streams to save moolah for your entry fees. The new competition will start Monday 06/07/2020
Cost will be 250 moolah per entry.


For new subscribers moolah is virtual currency you earn in the chat stream. Chat and earn moolah save up 250 moolah and buy 1 entry or come everyday chat and buy as many entries as you want. Just spend time and be a subscriber to gain entry (see notes below).

The prizes will be drawn live in Sunday 12/07/2020 stream at 20.00 GMT. So you have a week to save and buy.
1st prize – battle pass and 200 V Bucks worth of gifted item shop goodies OR 1200 V Bucks worth of gifted item shop goodies
2nd prize – 800 V Bucks worth of item shop goodies
3rd prize – 200 V Bucks worth of item shop goodies


1.) You can only win one prize NOT ALL prizes. So there will be 3 different winners drawn. example: If you win the first prize you are done.

2.) I stream mostly at these times below. If I change I send subscribers a community message on YouTube so make sure you have all notifications switched on when you subscribe.

Streaming Schedule
Monday to Friday  09.00 and 17.30 GMT

Saturday 12.00 GMT
Sunday – 16.30 GMT
Subject to change

3.) I will have to verify all winners within 24 hours. Also I may need to add you as a friend so this takes a waiting time of 2 days as per Epic Games rules.

4.) Your subscriptions MUST be set to public to be a valid entry, if it is not I cannot validate your entry. Ask how to check in stream or watch the YouTube official video.