Battle Pass competition – How to enter

To win a battle pass entry stay and chat to earn MOOLAH. This is virtual credit to buy things in my shop.
When you get to 200 Moolah you can buy one entry.
You can buy as many entries as you like….

Type !moolah to see your total.
To buy entry type !buy entry.

Streaming today at the following times.
09.00 GMT for 3 hours
and later
18.00 GMT all night until we reach 100 entries

When we reach 100 entries I will do the draw.
I will stop entries at that point and organize things.
I will do the draw LIVE on the stream and completely transparent.
I know lot’s of people have been scammed but this will NEVER happen with me.

If you don’t win today (18th June 2020) Don’t worry there will be another draw this weekend and your entries except for the winner of previous will stay active.
Please note we have to wait 2 days before I can gift a new friend in Fortnite.

Watch my video telling you how you can enter here: